Heart of Winter


Quintessential winter fly fishing on Colorado’s South Platte River. February 2016


Winter in the Rocky Mountains. One envisions ski resorts, I-70 gridlock, piles of snow and maybe a crackling fireplace. Sure, there are many places in this country where winter isn’t exactly synonymous with fly fishing. But, here in Colorado, many anglers welcome the thinning of crowds and the possibility of some of the most rewarding days of the year.

Recently, I teamed up with Denver-based Trouts Flyfishing to produce a series of short films documenting the best of Colorado’s fly fishing seasons, beginning with winter. It isn’t easy, and it might get downright uncomfortable at times. That said, there is no better cure for cabin fever, and you’ll invariably come away with a new story or two. And the folks at Trouts know how to make it happen.

The new short film is currently in production, and will be launched by Trouts in the near future. Meanwhile, I posted a small selection of stills made during the filming process in the “NEW WORK” section of the website. The entire gallery can be found here.

More soon!    -R


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