Onward, with resolve.

Family Photos 2015-5
Family self portrait, 2015.

Perspective. Occasionally, and perhaps more frequently than I’d like to admit, It is necessary to put things in perspective. We all get beat up from time to time – life and time wear everyone down. I’ve always tried to invest my energy in moving forward from tough times, and it’s a mentality that has served me well through life’s lower points. The past six weeks have been challenging for me and my family. We packed up our entire household and, though weighed down by sickness, plowed through the moving process. Illness has been nearly constant. One bout landed my young son in the pediatric intensive care unit at Colorado’s Children’s Hospital, where we spent a long, stressful and sleepless week just ahead of the Christmas holiday. While living out of boxes and disarray, the delivery of our refrigerator, along with the washer and dryer, were delayed a full week by a winter storm. Our water heater died. We all got sick again.

Still, perspective wasn’t hard to find.

This past year, I have friends whose marriages have ended. I know people who have lost a spouse, a child. While in the pediatric intensive care unit, we were in the midst of far more stress and suffering than what we and our boy endured.

Though it was a rough finish, we’re going into the new year with a lot of positive momentum. We finally re-joined the ranks of homeowners, and I’m excited about the new space and neighborhood, and our future here. Our son is once again healthy, busy and full of attitude. There is a bunch of exciting work ahead, and I’m hustling to fill the pipeline with a new slate of projects. Keeping focus and energy on what lies ahead.

With that, here’s to 2016. Every day that lies ahead is an opportunity for growth, a chance to improve. I am committed to doing still more with family, with camera, and with fly rod, and to share some bits of it with you. Cheers.



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