Help Western Rivers Conservancy SAVE BLUE CREEK!


Help Western Rivers Conservancy purchase the final 10,000 acres of land to save Blue Creek, a coldwater lifeline for some of the greatest salmon and steelhead runs on the West Coast. By contributing, you’re helping create a sanctuary in the heart of the California redwoods for these magnificent fish and the region’s increasingly imperiled wildlife.

One by one we can Save Blue Creek. Forever.

In 2008, WRC began an effort to create a sanctuary at Blue Creek. We’ve raised funds to do this through individual donations, private grants, public funding and elsewhere, and we’ve already purchased over 37,000 acres.

To finish off the 47,000-acre project, WRC needs your help to buy the remaining 10,000 acres.  Our overall goal for this is $12.8 million, and we’re asking individual donors on Indiegogo for $5M of that. We’ll make announcements throughout the campaign  to keep you informed on how close we are getting to our goal.

Individual donations are important because each goes to saving a place that is valuable not just to the Klamath River, but to the world around it. The Klamath-Siskiyou ecoregion is one of the most biologically diverse regions on the entire planet, and Blue Creek is a vital part of it. You’ll help save fish, wildlife, redwoods and a river that matters to this rare and wild place.

Each square foot saved counts.


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