Salmon Superhwy

One lane on the Salmon Superhwy: Trask River, a tributary to Tillamook Bay, Oregon Coast. Shot with Hasselblad 503CW, 50mm CFi and Fuji Velvia 120 film, ISO50.

The Salmon Superhwy Initiative is one of the most impactful, inspiring projects on which I’ve worked. Beginning back in late 2013, I was asked by longtime friend and Trout Unlimited staff Alan Moore to consider an ambitious documentary that would serve as the creative platform for a nascent conservation initiative. Alan and I had brainstormed a lot of ideas while fishing together over the years, but this one really hit home for me. I did not hesitate to go all-in, committing to photographs and a short video to help launch the campaign. I had no idea that I would still today be working in support of this important effort, but I am grateful to be doing so.

Rather than attempt to outline the purpose, objectives and scope here with boring old words, I urge you to watch the campaign’s short video below. I filmed, edited and narrated this piece earlier this year:

The campaign’s still photography work has been wide-ranging, from portraits to scenics to true documentary-style photojournalism. A selection from the most recent shoot can be seen HERE in the “New Work” section of the website; some additional content is located HERE in the “Conservation” section.

To learn more, please spend some time on the Salmon Superhwy website, follow along on Facebook and Instagram, and share with those who might also be interested. Thanks!

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