Kimsquit Bay Lodge

Guide Steve Morrow shows off some Dean River chrome. August 2015.

I’m just now back from a mind-bending trip to British Columbia’s Dean River with Kimsquit Bay Lodge. Check out the new gallery of photos from the week on the website.

The Dean River is renowned among steelheaders from across the globe, and for good reason. It is home to the highest-quality fish on the planet. They’ve adapted to the Dean’s unique challenges by evolving the largest fin-to-body weight ratio. This enables them to power through enormous rapids and past staggering waterfalls to reach their spawning grounds. In addition, the lower river fish are almost always fresh from the salt, often caught less than a mile from the Dean’s mouth. This means the fish are white-hot and chrome-bright.

The Dean itself is sensory overload. Glacier-capped coastal mountains rise dramatically from the sea to soar over 7,000 feet in elevation. The water is turquoise green. The runs are classic, and, depending on flows, can be fished with heavy tips and large flies or floating line and skated dries. Every single swing holds the potential to change an angler’s life.

Kimsquit Bay Lodge is owned and operated by Jeff and Kathryn Hickman, two of the very best in the business. Lodge guides Steve Morrow and Mathew Moisley live and breathe steelhead, and just a couple days with them will make anyone a more effective spey angler. The lodge itself is situated on the saltwater of Kimsquit Bay, an arm of the Dean Channel. Chef Julie prepares simply perfect meals that are celebrations of each day on the water, often availing herself of fresh local bounty including prawns and crab. For the ultimate Dean River experience, book your 2016 trip now!

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